The BR Coalition is different. Before we started the BR Coalition, before the YouTube videos and Catholic training and Catholic community, we continually heard “where can I learn more?” “what should I do now?” “how do I go deeper?”

So, we decided it was time to deliver.

The BR Coalition is an online training ground and community. Here, you will find everything you need to grow in your Faith, have the Catholic Community you crave, and know the actionable steps for combatting the evil we see in our world today. All in line with Catholic Church teaching.


For years, Doug travelled all over. Training men, women and families of all ages how to engage in their faith and take action. He focused on physical and spiritual preparedness, defense and the Church’s teachings on preparedness with a focus on Church-approved Marian- apparitions.

The problem?

We couldn’t get in front of enough people, quick enough. So many people were begging for more and Doug could only be in one place at once (and no, he can’t bi-locate…)

The solution?

The BR Coalition became our latest effort to provide physical and spiritual training, inspiration and community in order to help each and every one of us become the saint God is calling us to be. This online resource, Catholic training ground and community is where you can get the answers to your questions.

Here at BR Coalition, we focus on spiritual preparedness and physical preparedness with a huge emphasis on a tight-nit, prayer-centered Catholic community.

We say they come for the training, they stay for the community.

We are thrilled you are here.



Powerful resources to get you started.

FORTIFYING YOUR LIFE - Spiritually & Physically | Ultimate Field Guide

In this FREE Guide, we give you the best steps to start taking on a spiritual and temporal level.

COMPLETE EDC CHECKLIST - Catholic Everyday Carry

All of the items you should never leave the house without as a Catholic. Keeping you safe - body, mind, & soul.


Inside your download you will find a  checklist of the items we recommend for Catholics.