water storage masterclass


prepare confidently and keep your family safe.

Water is one of the most overlooked area of preparedness and one of the most crucial for survival. The human body can only survive roughly three days without water but dehydration sets in after only a few hours. 

Discover how much water you will need, the correct containers to store it in, and how and where to store your water safely for a long time without the growth of dangerous bacteria.

You’ll also learn the proper techniques for filtering and purifying contaminated water, should you need to do so.

Get instant and lifetime access to the Water Storage Masterclass and downloadable Water Storage Manual.

will you and your family have water?

Backup water is crucial for emergencies like natural disasters, civil unrest, pandemics, or power grid failures. It ensures you and your family will have access to clean water for drinking, cooking, and hygiene when regular sources are disrupted. This masterclass will teach you the skills necessary to store enough clean water long-term for your family.

“I’ve learned so much so far and feel significantly better about preparedness in difficult times and protecting my family. I have shared the skills I’ve learned with my brother and some friends and everyone is grateful.” – Lucas, BREP Member