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Try FREE for 7 days, then $49/month, cancel easily anytime!

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Try FREE for 7 days, then $49/month, cancel easily anytime!


Catholic Evangelist

“Doug Barry is one of those few lay Catholics that I would trust and I would follow him into spiritual battle any day. He is a spiritual fitness trainer, he ‘walks the walk and he talks the talk.’ His ‘ Coalition’ will prepare you to be a modern day ‘Cristero’ and ‘Crusader.’ Get involved, enroll now, get holy or die trying!”


US Grace Force

“We continue to ‘train up’ as supernatural warriors. We are so blessed to have my good friend, Doug Barry, and share his decades of experience… Doug, along with his entire family, have poured themselves into preparing the best of the best in getting us all united in our training… Please consider this most excellent training ground.”




Every month you will get access to the entire INDOMITABLE training content. Inside the membership you will find it’s chock-full of Catholic life-coaching, spiritual mentorship, prayers, meditations, Catholic preparedness content and so much more. 

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+ Access to our Exclusive Online Catholic Community

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The Catholic Church teaches in the Catechism that defense of ourselves and others is not only permissible but a moral obligation. In an increasingly dangerous world, it’s important for Catholics to first, aware and second, trained up!

This training is exactly what you need to get started, regardless of your age, physical abilities or vocation. 

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25 Critical do’s + don’ts for preparing

There are many out there teaching preparedness. But few, if any, teach it from a Catholic perspective. In this bonus, you’ll see the top 25 Do’s and Don’ts that we see the most people make. That way you can skip the headache. Do the do’s and avoid the don’ts!

FREE GIFT ($47 VALUE) Complete gear checklist

Gear is expensive to try out. The average family doesn’t have the ability to test different brands and gear which is why we have done it for you. This is the Complete Gear Checklist we Recommend for being prepared for up to a year for your entire family.

free gift ($47 value)

preparing on a budget

Preparedness can easily become unaffordable if you don’t have the right mentality or guide to show you. If the budget is tight, this bonus manual is essential in showing you how to accomplish what needs to get done but still not breaking the bank!

FREE GIFT (PRICELESS) catholic productions

Our Catholic films and documentaries are directed and produced in-house. The goal of these films is to inspire action in Catholics and Christians alike. To BE READY for whatever life may throw their way. Get access to all past and future films.

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Community is invaluable. You will get immediate access to our private, online Catholic Community where you can ask questions, interact with other members and even interact with the BRC team. We are a family of Catholic’s striving to be THE REMNANT in these trying times. This community cannot be beat!


The BR Emergency Preparedness Course has given thousands of Catholics a proven plan to get prepared as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our plan will work for you too.

It’s specifically designed to turn your desire to be prepared but uncertainty on how to accomplish it into an exact step-by-step plan for you to learn and apply the skills you need to know


“Taking the BR emergency course has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made thanks to God. I’ve learned so much so far and feel significantly better about preparedness in difficult times and protecting my family. I have shared the skills I’ve learned with my brother and some friends and everyone is grateful. You guys rock.” – Lucas, Member


Weekly Live’s with Doug are invaluable! Inside each live, Doug will do in-depth trainings on a variety or spiritual and physical preparedness topics. Not only that, there is also Q&A and a chance to chat with other members all over the globe!



In any crisis around the world, the Catholic Church is the world’s largest relief organization. We can lend even more aid even in the smallest daily emergencies by being educated, prepared and resourceful. In this training taught by a licensed nurse, you’ll discover the #1 medical and trauma needs to understand so you are ready to help if and when the time comes.


Transportation during a crisis can leave you vulnerable. Whether you are out and need to get back home or are home and need to leave, this special unit covers the basics on safety and preparedness for you and your vehicles during a crisis. 

FREE GIFT ($47 value)

getting started with chickens – masterclass

Chickens are one of, if not the most, economical option to becoming self-sustainable. Even in most cities or neighborhoods with HOA’s, several will still allow you to have a few hens. Instead of spending money on books and hours and hours educating, we give you the only info you need to easily get started with backyard chickens so you aren’t so reliant on the government and others if and when a crisis hits.

FREE GIFT ($27 value)

preparing for pets

Our pets are important to us and definitely rely on our care. If we have decided to take an animal under our care, their safety, food, and water should be a consideration as we prepare. This guide will help you to know how to prepare for them easily and efficiently.

free ticket to 

be ready coalition

annual online summit

Imagine a day each year where powerful, Catholic speakers from around the globe are able to come into your home via your computer screen for an Annual Summit of Inspiration, Education and Prayer. You get a FREE ticket for your entire family to join the BE READY COALITION – Annual Online Summit! Priceless!

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