overcome crisis without fear

be not afraid.

In this 2 hour, Catholic workshop, you’ll learn the top 3 immediate concerns we all need to be considering plus, the 5 steps to take next in order to thrive during upcoming shortages and turbulence. 

Get ready for hands-on, practical tips anyone can do to thrive, no matter what the near future holds…all in line with Catholic Church Teaching. 

All times are in CDT! Limited seating, register early to save your seat!

Whether you think you have an idea of what to do or feel like you are at level zero, knowing what is going on in the world and being prepared spiritually and physically means…


You know the factual reasons physically and spiritually of what is coming and why you must do something


You will have the ability to thrive in times where people in power try to harm the society they swear to protect


you will be part of the hope that this world so desperately needs (and will need) with actionable tips to do and teach

Let’s do this.

“[This] is helping me prepare best I can to meet the challenges of our ever changing, seemingly increasingly secular and dangerous world.”

– Barb

‘I have a much clearer perspective on Catholic prepping than before.’

– Kathleen

‘We are newer to preparedness so beforehand we tried to do a few things and now we feel like we have a more comprehensive knowledge of what else to do.’

– Chris

‘Before, I didn’t know where to start. It was overwhelming and now I have learned a lot, developed a reasonable plan, accumulated a growing supply of emergency gear, food and supplies. I even took a chance and started a small vegetable garden!’

– Catherine