God does not call you to mediocrity.

be part of the church’s remnant.

Get Coached and achieve the life God desires for you with Catholic Coaching and Spiritual Mentorship. Transform your life – body, mind and soul.

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    Trying to live a life of peace and purpose is overwhelming

    if you don’t have a proven plan or guide.


    Now is the time to start working on your life and not just living it. You can achieve clarity, become more empowered, learn how to discern, figure out how to think, understand your spiritual growth and it’s all within arms reach. Our INDOMITABLE monthly program will open the doors to help you quickly and effectively unlock the life God desires for you. A life of greatness.



      Each week you will find group coaching calls which are designed to help you step into the next version of yourself. You will be amazed by the clarity you gain by participating in the group coaching calls, asking questions and take the next best step for your life. In these calls you will find direction, clarity, accountability, inspiration, affirmation. No matter what your goals are, these calls will help you get there. Group coaching is powerful and something right at your finger tips as soon as you enroll in INDOMITABLE.


      Within INDOMITABLE you will find what we call, ‘Ask a Coach.’ You will get priority access to our certified Catholic Coaches and Spiritual Mentors and can ask them a question 24/7, 365 days a year. This is where you can get personal help on your specific areas you are prioritizing to change in INDOMITABLE. 

      OUR Entire Course Collection

      Our lessons, masterclass and video trainings you get immediate access to are going to help you in the areas you prioritize first. These courses and lessons dive into spiritual authority, understanding your emotions, how to achieve what you want in life, understanding the life God desires for you, how to decrease overwhelm and anxiety and much more. Even if you have taken classes on these topics before, you haven’t learned them like this. Go at your own pace with access to hours and hours of trainings.

      private catholic online community

      Community is a huge aspect of what we teach inside INDOMITABLE. This is why we offer a private, online Catholic community where you can interact with other members and your coaches to help answer questions, stay motivated and keep you accountable as you take steps to become the next best version of yourself for God, for yourself and those you love.

      “[INDOMITABLE] is fantastic! Material in the BRC really challenges you to do better with your body, mind and spirit. The community pushes you to do better and to learn from each other. Doug and the rest of the BRC team truly care about you and helping be ready in this life for the next. Come join [INDOMITABLE]  it will change your life body, mind and soul. ”

      – Rich

      By joining [INDOMITABLE], I have been able to dive deeper into my prayer life by learning new ways of praying, ways that enhance my spirituality with the support of the wonderful [online community] and all of the warriors who participate there.

      – Carla

      ‘It is an awesome group and I’m so happy to be part of it! We are a force to be reckoned with! Deus Vult!’

      – Jane

      “By joining [INDOMITABLE] I have found there are others navigating the same journey to become more closely connected to and understanding our Catholic faith. Join us–you won’t regret it.”

      – Patrice

      “Being a member of BRC has provided calm versus panic as I prepare myself and my family. Connecting with individuals of like-mind and like-spirit has provided some peace. I know I am not alone as Jesus is always with us. However, he created us to be with others and to know we are not alone. Thank you BRC. I am bringing others into our Coalition.” – Suzie

      “BRC has helped my husband and I so much! …Community with others when we could not go to church was a true blessing. I learned about fasting…I have continued that plus no sugar except Sundays. I benefited from that Spiritually as well as loosing 95 pounds😊. I offered it up for souls and reparation for sinners (myself included).”

      – Marcella

      “It is Doug Barry and [BRC] that has inspired me to pray the Rosary daily. God Bless you Doug, for all you do!”


      “…I am learning and growing so much spiritually. Thank you Doug! You are really helping me. God bless you!”


      Above all else…




      Endorsements From Respected Catholic Leaders:

      Fr Richard Heilman

      Fr Richard Heilman

      US Grace Force

      “We continue to ‘train up’ as supernatural warriors. We are so blessed to have my good friend, Doug Barry, and share his decades of experience in becoming ‘ready.’ Doug, along with his entire family, have poured themselves into preparing the best of the best in getting us all united in our training in this ‘INDOMITABLE membership.’ Please consider this most excellent training ground.”

      Jesse Romero

      Jesse Romero

      Catholic Evangelist

      Doug Barry is one of those few lay Catholics that I would trust and I would follow him into spiritual battle any day. He is a spiritual fitness trainer, he ‘walks the walk and he talks the talk.’ His ‘Be Ready Coalition’ will prepare you to be a modern day ‘Cristero’ and ‘Crusader.’ Get involved, enroll now, get holy or die trying!



      TODAY | you won’t regret it

      Let us help you navigate life in these trying times while keeping your Faith at the core of everything you do.

        your plan for changing your life:

        01 | A Focused Environment

        With a driven focus each month you are able to progress in your personal life and spiritual goals – body, mind and soul with greater speed, accuracy and efficiency!

        02 |proven results

        Countless testimonials from individuals , couples and families have been proof that INDOMITABLE is something Catholics are craving.

        03 |  Unique Approach

        Body – Mind – Soul : This is what we teach. When one of those is lagging, it slows down your progress in the other two. This is why INDOMITABLE is so effective. God made us body, mind, and soul and you cannot separate them from each other.

        04 | Money-back guarantee

        14 day, 100% money-back guarantee and cancel anytime. You have nothing to lose – try INDOMITABLE, implement what we teach and watch it change your life!

        BR Coalition is right for you if you…

        + Are ready to put your Faith first and want to grow in your relationship with our Lord

        + Ready to grow in your confidence and accomplish the goals you have set on the ‘back-burner’

        + A Christian who wants to grow in their Faith

        + Are an individual, couple or family who sees what is going on in the world physically, mentally and spiritually and wants to be part of the change

        + Take your role on this earth seriously and want someone to guide, encourage, support and help hold you accountable in your Faith and life goals

        + Know you (and your family) are under spiritual attack and want solid Catholic teaching to combat the evil in this world

        + Believe that with the right direction you would have the ability to be better prepared spiritually, mentally and physically

        BR Coalition is NOT right if you…

        – Prefer 1:1 spiritual direction and don’t enjoy collaborating with other Catholics

        – Aren’t ready to prioritize your Faith and live out your Catholicism – body, mind, and soul

        – Don’t want to be pushed a little outside your comfort zone in order to grow in your relationship with God

        – Don’t wish to be better prepared for this life and the next and would rather ‘wait it out’