Hello and welcome to another BR Coalition Blog.  It’s so awesome that you are here and part of the BR Coalition family!

Today we are talking about the EDC which stands for Every Day Carry, which means — things you carry on you every day.  It’s pretty simple once it’s explained. 


So what are the items that you would carry every day?  What does that list look like?


Let’s get into it!   


First, though, remember that these items will change a little as you go through life.  A new parent needs to carry different things than even a parent of older children. 


And so on and so on.  An elderly person will carry different things than a 20-year-old, that’s the point. 


Everyones EDC will vary to a certain extent, but there are some things that are good to carry through all walks of life.





This is a wonderful devotion of consecration to Jesus, through Mary. Although diving deeper into the history and benefits of this devotion is for another Blog, if you are not part of this devotion it is something I would recommend you look more into.



This is something that could go in a purse or pocket and actually isn’t that hard to carry around at all.  The Devil fears the rosary. Especially when we pray it. 


It’s something that in this Blog we will refer to (along with some other items later) as an Easily Accessible Item or EAI.


So, those are the Spiritually Items that can go into an EDC. Let’s talk about a few more.



The wallet is pretty straightforward, you carry your debit card and credit card, driver’s license, and any extra cash in it. But we can focus on the extra cash here.  Extra cash is a good idea to have in your wallet in case your debit or credit card, for some reason, doesn’t work, or the ATM machines even go down.  Maybe the gas pump card slot isn’t working and you need gas.  And in a crisis maybe you can’t just go to another gas station and you need to go in and pay with cash.  


A lot of people don’t carry cash anymore, but it still is a good thing to have! For most people, everything need to perform monetary transactions is on their phone or a debit/credit cart…..but if those don’t work what would you do?


This is where cash can come in and save the day!


And it can be any amount you are comfortable with.  Maybe it’s an extra $50, or $100 — maybe even $300.  The point here is some extra cash that’s easily accessible, or an EAI, (the term we talked a bit about earlier) is a great idea regardless of whether there is a crisis or not.



This one is easy, and we all know what it does.  It’s a great tool for communication purposes!


Simple right?  Yep, but we can add something here to the key ring.  A little multi-tool if we want.  Now, muli-tools have all sorts of little gadgets on them, and which kind you would want really depends on what you think you would need. 




Unfortunately, most people incorrectly label the pocket knife.  They assume that a pocket knife is only for self-defense, and then think they could never use a knife in self-defense….so why carry one?

A pocket knife is actually a great tool and can be used for MANY different things. It’s not just a weapon.  Most pocket knives now have clips so they can be easily carried in the pocket, or a backpack pouch.  Most have a seatbelt cutter, and glass breaker as well.  



Flashlights are pretty self-explanatory.  When it comes to using them in your EDC they just get the job done better than those situations when people want to pull out their cell phone flashlight.  Not to mention if you get a good flashlight it is much brighter and you can see way farther.


And what if you have to make a phone call while using your light?  This is where a flashlight can really save the day!


Durability.  Flashlights are much more durable and can be dropped and even run over by a car and most likely still work. And hey, durable flashlights can also be used to strike at a bad guy should they get too close, or used to shine light into their eyes to blind them while you get away. All in all, a good flashlight is also an EAI item!


Now we get to a couple of things that you could add to your EDC if you wish to.  They are extra, or add-ons, or whatever you want to call them.



Pepper spray is a great self-defense tool. If you are uncomfortable with a firearm, then pepper spray is a great alternative.  But, if you do go this route make sure it is in a place that is easily accessible.  It won’t do any good buried at the bottom of a bag, especially if someone who gives you a bad feeling is walking towards you in a Wal-Mart parking lot at 9 pm.



This one is only if you are comfortable with it, and take the time to train and learn about it.  A firearm is a tool, but if used incorrectly, can be much more dangerous than pepper spray or a pocket knife.  It takes dedicated learning to handle a firearm.  But, if you are the person who wants to put in that dedication then a firearm can be a great tool for possible self-defense.


If you do go this route and even get a Conceal Carry License, then you will want to get a firearm that works best for you, in that means taking into account the size of the firearm and the type of round it fires.


If you are planning on getting a firearm and getting your Conceal Carry License, then I cannot stress enough the REGULAR TRAINING you must do.  Safety first.  That cute saying ain’t no joke!


So, that wraps this blog post up.


I hope you learned something awesome today, and thank you for joining me.

I’ll talk to you next time.  God bless and strengthen you, friend!