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    you see the headlines in the news and about the world and the church

    Being a concerned Catholic is something many of us are relating to these days. But, not many people are talking about how to respond? 

    The response needs to start with each of us being better prepared and safe – physically and spiritually which is why we created this easy checklist as the perfect place to start.

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          meet doug barry

          Over 30 years ago I was working a job as a maintenance man at a local Catholic high-school when I felt a call on my heart to start a ministry teaching other Catholics about spiritual warfare and Church-approved, Marian apparitions.

          Since then I have traveled the globe and spoke to thousands about the realities of the fighting the good fight here on earth.

          Through years of interviewing experts, theologians, and other wise Catholic leaders, I have come to more fully understand the reality of the spiritual battles we face and how we can more easily overcome them and stay closer to our Lord.

          ​Helping Catholics stay safe spiritually and physically in an ever-changing and dangerous world is my life’s work. Thanks for being here and taking your Catholic preparedness seriously. God bless!