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this lent…Get a 4-Step Plan to quickly Get Better Prepared

Join the BR Emergency Preparedness Course and implement the 4-step plan to quickly and efficiently prepare, regardless of your vocation or age – all in line with Catholic Church teaching.

14 Day Money-back Guarantee, Lifetime Access

“Taking the BR emergency course has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made thanks to God. I’ve learned so much so far and feel significantly better about preparedness in difficult times and protecting my family. You guys rock.” 
– Lucas, BREP Member 

Trying to Get Better Prepared is Overwhelming


if you don’t have a guide or a plan…

1. You try to prepare but get lost or procrastinate and never start

2. You waste time and money chasing the latest thing you learned without actually moving the needle

3. You guess instead of following a proven process or (worse) decide it’s not worth the effort because you are overwhelmed

That leads to sleepless nights, stress, lack of progress, and frustration. That was us over a decade ago and we don’t want that for you.

The BR Emergency Preparedness Course has given thousands of Catholics a proven plan to get prepared as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How Does the BR Emergency Preparedness Course Work?

Your preparedness should not be a guessing game. There is an exact process to follow for quick, lasting results. 

Inside you will learn the exact 4 steps to take to become prepared – physically & spiritually.

Whether you are a brand new to preparedness or need a refresher, BREP will change your preparedness.

It’s specifically designed to turn your desire to be prepared but uncertainty on how to accomplish it into an exact step-by-step plan for you to learn and apply the skills you need to know.

There are 4 tiers you need to prepare for in order to be sustainable and have the skills needed to be truly prepared. This will make your preparedness organized and easy.

When you optimize the 4 tiers of your preparedness, you’ll not only feel peace and confident  in your preparedness – you’ll actually enjoy preparing and integrating it into your life.



US Grace Force

“We continue to ‘train up’ as supernatural warriors. We are so blessed to have my good friend, Doug Barry, and share his decades of experience… Doug, along with his entire family, have poured themselves into preparing the best of the best in getting us all united in our training… Please consider this most excellent training ground.”


Catholic Evangelist

“Doug Barry is one of those few lay Catholics that I would trust and I would follow him into spiritual battle any day. He is a spiritual fitness trainer, he ‘walks the walk and he talks the talk.’ His ‘ Coalition’ will prepare you to be a modern day ‘Cristero’ and ‘Crusader.’ Get involved, enroll now, get holy or die trying!”

Over 4000 Catholics are safer and better prepared!

Will you be next?

“Taking the BR emergency course has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made thanks to God. I’ve learned so much so far and feel significantly better about preparedness in difficult times and protecting my family. I have shared the skills I’ve learned with my brother and some friends and everyone is grateful. You guys rock.” – Lucas, BREP Member

“BREP Course gave me the knowledge from a Catholic perspective on what to get, and different things to be ready for as our world turns! The transfer of knowledge from Doug and Team allow me and the family to learn what we need and make us think about things we would do in the case of emergency. Prior to this I have read things, but this info is well done and all put together and has hours jam packed in for all of us…”

“BREP has given me the incentive to actually create a bug out bag and get non-perishable foods, instead of telling myself that I need to do it.”

“BREP gave me a plan of action in case of an emergency. It also awoke me to the realities of what is happening in our country and to be prepared. I never thought I would have to think about these things living in the USA.”

Even with my 28 years of military training, I got a good refresher training and an update on the civilian view.”

6 Monthly Payments of


3 Monthly Payments of


1 EASy Payment of


14 Day Money-back Guarantee

One-time purchase, immediate, lifetime access!




Say goodbye to the days of confusion, stress, anxiety, and overwhelm about being better prepared or worried you aren’t prepared enough for what may be coming.

If you’re ready to feel in control and want an easy-to-understand plan so you can spend less time worrying and more time focusing on the things that matter in your life, BREP is for you.

You see the constant news headlines, religious freedom persecution, the bare shelves at the supermarket and the volatile government.

It’s time to be better prepared to take care of yourself and those entrusted to your care.

What’s Inside the UPDATED

BR Emergency Preparedness Course

Getting Started + Four Tiers Method:

  • In this unit, you will get crystal clear on your why. Why you are getting prepared. Only then will you have the perseverance to complete it.
  • Learn our tried and true model for preparedness. The fastest, most efficient way to prepare your family – body, mind and soul.

Unit #1 : Your Moral Obligation

  • In this unit, we dive deep into the real reason we are all here, our duty as humans to provide needs and relief in times of crisis.

    TIER 1 : 3 Days

    • In the first tier, you will learn skills and pack a go-bag (aka bug-out-bag) for every member of your family
    • You will have shelter, water, food, defense and medical supplies to for your entire family to live off of for three days

        TIER 2 : 3 Weeks

        • Tier 2 we cover shelter, water, food, defense and medical for 3 weeks for every member of your family
        • As you move through each tier, you will learn new skills and organization in order to be prepared for longer lengths of time

        TIER 3 : 3 Months

        • In this tier, we focus on organization as we move into preparedness for up to three months. 
        • By the end of this tier you will have shelter, water, food, defense and medical supplies AND the skills to know how to use the supplies to thrive for up to 3 months in the event of a crisis

            TIER 4 : 1 Year

            • At this tier, you will have the knowledge and skills to be more sustainable in your preparedness
            • At this tier, you will have the resources and knowledge to be prepared for up to 1 year + and how to continue getting new resources as they are depleted. 

                Unit #6 : Defense

                • Doug unpacks Catholic defense in this unit. Everything from securing your home to personal self-defense, defending others as well as different ways to do it for men and women.
                • We also get into firearms and other weapons we can ethically and morally use in certain circumstances. How to know when that is and how to use those weapons.

                  Unit #7 : Medical

                  • Haley covers understanding off-grid medicine in this unit. 
                  • After this unit, you will be able to care for yourself, children and others in times of crisis. 
                  • Learn how to do tourniquets, basic diagnosing, how to treat when you don’t have access to a doctor, prevention and so much more. 

                    Unit #8 : Next Steps

                    • Once you have unpacked the first units, this unit reaffirms how to keep moving forward.
                    • You’ll rediscover the method, how to implement it in your every day lives and even how to inspire others to take action as well!


                    BONUS UNIT : TRAUMA CARE

                    • In this bonus unit, Haley unpacks the fastest and most important skills in any off-grid trauma situation. From bullet wounds, hemorrhaging, shock and more.

                    BONUS UNIT : TRANSPORTATION

                    • Many of us won’t be home if and when something happens. In this bonus unit, you’ll discover how to stay safe on the road, how to develop a shelter on the road, keeping your car mobile in off-grid situations and much more.

                    ‘BREP has made me a vastly more interesting person.  I’ve gotten so much mileage out of discussing [the] master class in raising chickens among other BREP topics.  Since I live in downtown Chicago, People are amazed that a little old lady with a cane and a poodle knows about solar generators, firearms, how to purify water etc.’ – Joan, BREP Member


                    BR Emergency Preparedness Course has given me order-organization-direction to pursue preparedness. Could be tornadoes this spring in W TX. Could be border troubles. Taking positive steps to preparedness helps in these politically uncertain times. Not sure I’m doing things “right”, but I’m doing something, which is way better than the not much I had been doing! Thanks so much! With you & Fr. H to steer us, we are readying ourselves steadily for this life AND the next!” – BREP Member

                    Featured In…

                    your course purchase gives you immediate, lifetime access to:

                    • Entire On-Demand Course
                    • Downloadable Workbooks Inside
                    • Actionable Templates
                    • All Future Course Updates for FREE for Life
                    • The Four-Tier Preparedness Plan
                    • All bonus material


                    It’s time for you to get better prepared.

                    Join the family.

                    6 Monthly Payments of


                    3 Monthly Payments of


                    1 EASy Payment of


                    14 Day Money-back Guarantee

                    “Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.” – 1 Timothy 5:8


                    barry | co-host, LPN

                    Haley is a Licensed Practical Nurse with a background in mother and infant as well as emergency preparedness and emergency medicine. She spends her time homesteading and finding the most natural, God-given ways to do medicine and preparedness. Her true vocation is wife to Jordan and mother to Elijah, Avila and Sophia. Serving families through her knowledge of her Faith, homesteading and medicine his her passion.

                    meet your hosts


                    barry | host

                    After traveling for 30+ years and speaking on Catholic preparedness all over the world, Doug has dedicated his life to helping men, women and families of all ages become better prepared in this life and for the next. Doug has trained in emergency preparedness for the last 10+ years and is ready to spread his knowledge. When Doug isn’t training, he spends his time with his wife, Denise, his children, and playing with his 6 grandchildren.

                    Frequently asked questions

                    Does the course have a start date or can i go at my own pace?

                    The course is entirely self-paced. You can access the course at any time and go as fast or as slow as you think is best for you and your preparedness goals. However we recommend spending at least one hour per week on consuming and implementing the course content in order to see real progress. 

                    Is this for men, women or families?

                    This course is for everyone. Man, woman, family, priest, deacon, married or single.

                    Do you really have a 14 day money-back guarantee?

                    Absolutely. Our main purpose with this course is to educate and inspire you to take action. We don’t think you’ll want to return the course but if so, we are more than happy to give a full refund within 14 days of purchase.

                    Do I get IMmediate access?

                    As soon as you purchase you have access to the entire course for life!