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We are the

be ready coalition

We are here to help you BE READY, no matter what life throws your way –  body, mind, and soul.

How do we do this? We train thousands of Catholics every year in personal development and Catholic preparedness, helping men and women of all ages take the next best steps to live the life of peace, purpose and prosperity our Lord wants for you.

The Be Ready Coalition helps you Be Ready spiritually, mentally and physically for whatever life may throw your way – all in line with Catholic Church teaching.

When you apply what we teach, there is no limit to what you can achieve. Trust us.


WHat is BRC?

The BR Coalition is different. Before we started the BR Coalition, before the YouTube videos and Catholic training and Catholic community, we continually heard “where can I learn more?” “what should I do now?” “how do I go deeper?”

So, we decided it was time to deliver.

The BR Coalition is an online training ground and community. Here, you will find everything you need to grow in your Faith, have the Catholic Community you crave, and know the actionable steps for combatting the evil we see in our world today.

This includes Catholic coaching through our membership as well as Catholic preparedness through our Emergency Preparedness Course. Everything we do here is to help you BE READY, no matter what life throws your way.



For years, Doug traveled all over, training men, women and families of all ages how to engage in their faith and take action.

He focused on physical and spiritual preparedness, defense and the Church’s teachings on preparedness with a focus on Church-approved Marian- apparitions.

The problem?

We couldn’t get in front of enough people, quick enough. People started asking for more life direction, Catholic preparedness resources and how to live out their Catholic Faith in these modern times. 

The solution?

BRC is our effort to provide physical and spiritual training, inspiration and community to help you reach your God-given potential.

Here at BRC, we focus on spiritual preparedness and physical preparedness with a huge emphasis on a tight-nit, prayer-centered Catholic community.

We say they come for the training, they stay for the community.

Welcome, we are thrilled you are here.




Doug barry


For over 30 years, Doug traveled all over, training men, women and families of all ages how to engage in their faith and take action. 

Throughout his career, Doug has focused on Catholic life coaching and physical and spiritual preparedness.

Most of the time, you will find Doug working hard in his office. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife Denise, his 5 adult children and his 6 grandchildren. 

He is passionate about his Faith, his family and exercising and nutrition.

Jordan barry

Chief Production Officer/Co-Owner

Jordan is the Chief Production Officer for BRC. Jordan has been doing film, video and photography since he was 12 years old. His work has been featured on BBC, EWTN and others. He also directed and produced DOOMED TO REPEAT IT, BRC Productions latest film.

When Jordan doesn’t have a camera in his hands he loves spending time with his wife, Haley and their 3 beautiful children. His favorite things to do in his free-time include homesteading, fishing, hunting, hiking and anything outdoors with his family.



Haley barry

Chief Operations Officer/Co-Owner

Haley is the Chief Operations Officer of BRC. Haley is a Licensed nurse, wife, and mother of three. Haley specializes in online business, marketing and educational content. 

Outside of her work passions, she loves her Faith,  husband, children, her homestead, animals, and pretty much anything outdoors.


zach barry

Customer Success Manager

Zach is the Customer Success Manager for BRC. Zach has been apart of BRC since the very beginning and continually works to help all of our members succeed. When he isn’t working or studying anthropology, he enjoys reading and writing and spending time with his wife, Mary Claire.




BRC Mascot

Axel is Jordan and Haley’s livestock guardian dog and pretty much the guardian angel for BRC too. If you are ever having a rough day, a hug from Axel is pretty much the cure-all. He’s basically a polar bear. 



Powerful FREE resources to get you started

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