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FEBRUARY 23, 2023

#7: Overcoming perfectionism & giving yourself too many options

Fighting perfectionism and what to do about it right now.

Do you have fear of failing? Have you ever asked yourself what is the motivation behind this fear? There are many factors that fall under someone being a perfectionist and we cover them here! Believe it or not, being a perfectionist could actually be harming your progress. 

If you’re struggling with perfectionism, there are many ways to overcome it. Listen in,  to get the steps to move forward and identify the reason for trying to be perfect. As well as the steps you can take to set the goals you have always wanted to achieve without procrastinating. 

Sit back, relax, and be prepared to make some changes that will improve your life and give you the freedom to follow what God has called you to do. In this episode, Jordan and Doug talk about:

The issues that come with perfectionism and the reason people are perfectionists.
-Possible solutions to perfectionism
-The vices keeping you from progressing 
-Things you can do right now to put your goals before perfection

Don’t forget your pen and paper and prepare to take action!

Here’s a look at this episode…

  • [08:40] Mindset of fixing perfectionism
  • [20:00] When you give yourself too many options
  • [34:40] How to get self-motivated
  • [51:50] Don’t negotiate with yourself 
  • [55:20] How to set your goals correctly

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