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FEBRUARY 9, 2023


Tangible, actionable strategies to follow through on commitments to yourself and others.

Everyday we all wrestle with our human nature. This can find its roots in pride or laziness etc. But, if you are anything like us, you want to find proven ways to help you win the fight and actually take actionable steps to your commitments and goals.

The thing is, there are things we can do to tip the scale in our favor. Commitment is about integrity and being men and women of our word but it’s also about discipline and following through on what we said we were going to do.

This leads us to a life of fulfillment and purpose. A life where we achieve what we said we were going to achieve and do so by honoring our Lord through our God-given talents. 

In this episode, Jordan and Doug talk about:

– Why you have a hard time with your commitments
– The correct mindset you need to have when you do commit
– Solid steps you can take right now to follow and find purpose in your goals

This episode is FILLED with gold advice and inspiration so buckle up, you may want to even grab a pen and paper. Let’s do this!

Here’s a look at this episode…

  • [07:09] Why you start making excuses for yourself and pulling the victim card and how to stop
  • [14:57] Taking on too much, how do you not go too far and over commit?
  • [18:20] Taking small steps and how to improve, grow and break up your bigger goals into smaller ones. 
  • [24:43] Playing the comparison game is not an option and is detrimental to our progress, we must not compare but rather be motivated and inspired!
  • [36:15] How much sleep are you getting? Are you taking care of yourself? Are you eating right? Are you exercising? Your physical body is an important aspect to consider. Assess your life, health, spirituality and relationships.

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