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June 16, 2023

#20: Done Is Better Than Perfect Because Perfect Never Gets Done 

Not aiming for perfection, but still getting things done 

Sometimes we will wait for the perfect moment to do something. For everything to aline and take action. That should not be the case. The perfect moment does not exist. 

The perfect moment is now, do not hesitate to take action right now. There may be a moment when it is not the ideal moment, but it may be the moment that will save lives. 

You will never attain perfection on earth. Perseverance, striving, and having an ideal goal to get to Heaven are better mindsets. There is a constant message in scripture to persevere and not give up. So don’t give up. Keep moving forward, doing the best you can. 

In this episode, Jordan and Doug talk about:

 – The dangers of perfectionism

   What to do to fight perfectionism

   Getting things done rather than waiting for the perfect time 

  Don’t forget your pen and paper, and be ready to take action!
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Here’s a look at this episode…

      • [02:30] Why is perfectionism dangerous
      • [5:00] How are quotes hindering your improvement 
      • [11:20] Where do we find perfection?
      • [19:00] Fear vs. Danger  
      • [27:00] Don’t let perfection stop you


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