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May 26, 2023

#18: Are YOUR Routines making you weaker?


Whom are you becoming in your routine? Learn actionable ways to become a better person through your routine. 

Everything can be used as an opportunity to train and become stronger. 

A routine is essential, yet it can hinder improvement and training in our daily lives if it is not ordered. Creating new opportunities outside of the routine can help us become adaptable and flexible.

So that when a moment arises that we need to make a drastic change, it comes easier than it would have if we did not take the time to step out of our routine now and again to improve ourselves. 

 There are so many options in self-development, but do you consider what kind of person you are becoming? 

In this episode, Jordan and Doug talk about:

 – Improving your routine beyond being just a routine
  Accomplishing a list the right way
  Changing your routine to make you more flexible and adaptable 

  Remember your pen and paper, and be ready to take action!
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Here’s a look at this episode…

      • [03:40] What does a good routine look like?
      • [9:45] Prioritizing what needs to be a priority 
      • [11:50] Accomplishing the list
      • [13:50] Where is God on your list? Time for God and people
      • [16:15] Being intentional about changing your routine


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