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May 19, 2023

#17: Gear is not enough- are you a provider or a beggar?

Gear does not equal skill.

If you were rid of the bare essentials of day-to-day life right now, would you be able to survive? 

We rely daily on the basics of life—food, water, shelter, etc. But we rarely think about their absence. Rather than wait, take action right now to prepare for a crisis. We need to take steps now to shift from a beggar mindset and skill level to becoming a provider. 

In this episode, Jordan and Doug talk about:

– Gear does not equal skill
  Questions to ask yourself about being a provider vs. a beggar
  Medical emergency preparations you need now 

  Don’t forget your pen and paper, and be ready to take action!
  See the show notes for this episode at:

Here’s a look at this episode…

  • [03:00] Gear does not equal skill   
  • [7:00] How to purify water 
  • [12:00] Do skills matter?
  • [20:30] Applying the skills
  • [26:20] Using the gift of common sense